Monday, October 27, 2008

Twelve+One (22nd Oct 2008)

I like going to other's blogs... Just to see if there is any nice place to go in Singapore or some other places if I visit...

One of them happened to be near my office

The place - DSC_2316

A nice cosy corner... just for you and I on a rainy day...

Atmosphere - DSC_2529

a a long table for the group of us to relax

Atmosphere - DSC_2333

along with a nice service staff would make the experience here completely enjoyable

Fantastic service staff - DSC_2376

Stuffs which were beautiful, cute and adorable and that are used to charm... but did not try to explore them... Maybe another time

All things that are sweet - DSC_2332

Financier Griotto - DSC_2359

Meringues -  DSC_2367

Madeleine - DSC_2350

Palmitos - DSC_2354

Bottles of  Jam - DSC_2328

Food which I did try... tot it could be better...

Panini - DSC_2402

Panini - DSC_2392

Panini - DSC_2405

A cup of tea... to start my selection of desserts...

A nice cup of tea - DSC_2494

My dessert selection... one of everything in the sampler selection... Though I packed most of the stuffs... cause I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would.

Samplers of various pastries - DSC_2416

Samplers of various pastries - DSC_2418

With this picture in my mind...


and a loaf of walnut bread...

Walnut Bread - DSC_2346

I went away... couldn't help but hoping that they will improve in the near future. This is definitely a place to visit, relax and enjoy some times with someone or a group of friends... but I would prefer to do it with better desserts, if not better food.


Anonymous said...

hey this place looks good... where exactly is it?

MissyGlutton said...

you can try google for it :P using the title... :P but it's near biopolis! :p