Thursday, October 16, 2008

OTTO Ristorante (9th Oct 2008)

A fren asked me out for lunch... :) she was so nice to want to give me a hatch day treat... Considering that my camera is sooooooooo misbehaving... (and I realized later that it's a human error)I got quite a few decent shots! :d

Name of the place - DSC_1164

This is an Italian restaurant I been a while back... as I saw an article in one of the food magazineS... which I pored for new places to eat. I didn't like the place much, cause... I didn't like the rissotto nor the service staff.

Selection of bread!! They were so nice to put this in front of us, so we can snap as much as we want... :)

Selection of breads - DSC_1197

It's bread! so .... one of everything please! :D I like walnut and fruit bread :D

Bread - DSC_1175

Amuse Bouche

I like Artichoke :P hehe I didn't like it previously... till I had it in some salads...

Amuse Bouche - DSC_1193

Lard wrapped "Asparagi" soft egg in taleggio light fondue

3 of my favorite foods!!! LARD!! which is actually Bacon... Asparagus !! which is one of the non leafy vegetable!!! i am not a fan of leafy vegetables usually.... and then most important of all is the EGG!!! :) I loooooooooove eggs and in any forms!!! :p

And the surprise was the truffle slices *yummy* this was very good :D I like I like.



Adriatic sea "Fresh Vongole"in a spumante white sauce. I laughed at my dining partner when she ordered this dish... I told her she can get it cheaper at the hawker centres!!! but surprisingly this dish was quite good! Unlike the clams dishes sold in Hawker Centres which was too often disguised by heavy sauces, this doesn't have a fishy taste. The taste was light and with the fresh clams, all I could think of was *yummy*.... He he he I think I took more than the person who ordered this dish.


Pan fried Fresh "Foie Gras" red fig and foie creme brulee

Okie... we decided that the reason why this foie gras wasn't as good as we would want a foie gras to be was because the liver used were different from what we were used to. The Restaurant Manager, at least that what I think he is, actually gave us another try at this dish. I like the hard caramel layer (I have a sweet tooth, actually i think I have sweet teeth!!! ) ... but not the custard base.


Porcini mushroom "Risotto" Canaroli superfine

okie... I looooove Risotto... this one harder than what I usually like... but my dining partner thinks it was great. And she thinks that I will like the risotto she cooks.... so I am waiting... (u know who u are) :p


Pistachio ice cream
YUMMY!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this! I thought there is only a scoop but 3 came... I am not unhappy about that!!! I couldn't stop eating... I almost stick my tongue and licked it clean!!! :P

Pistachio ice cream - DSC_1326

Selection of italian cheese

We have a Panna Cotta with truffle, taleggio, fontina, toma, parmesan and a gorgonzola selection :) it's a pity I was too full to appreciate the cheeses :P so they packed the thing up for me... in this little silver purse thing :P so cute!!!

Selection of italian cheese - DSC_1288

isn't this doggie bag adorable :D

Doggie bag!! - DSC_1336

I think the Chef (the one who started this place) is quite an amusing dude, who kept coming in and out of the kitchen... he's a very frenly person indeed. I am a big fan of italian food... but there are just too many italian choices in Singapore... this might just be one of the "average" italian place for me.


Camemberu said...

Issit your bday??? Sorry I missed this earlier but HAPPY BELATED HATCHDAY anyway!

MissyGlutton said...

Thank you.. :) it's okay... I was too busy trying to recover from a horrible bout of illness.