Friday, October 10, 2008

Frist Grade Seafood Palace (Still Road Crab) (Sept 26 2008)

Went to try the famous Still road Pepper crabs... and i think it was quite good... but for me to like a pepper crab dish... it's definitely a lacking of something. Cause i am a person who don't like pepper...

Some would swear by it, and some would swear at it. Usually the food is important... but secondary to the company one has.

Here's some photos :D enjoy!

we got hungry waiting for another fren to come... so here's some hokkien noodles to start

Fried Hokkien noodles - DSC_9663

follows by some hei chor

Deep fried pork and prawn roll - DSC_9669

and finally the arrival of fren and the best thing was offered " Black Pepper Crabs!!! "

The GOODNESS of Still Road Pepper Crab - DSC_9694
Still Road Pepper Crab - DSC_9680

Alot of people came and ate at this stall... I had heard raves of this place for the longest time.... like most people would say "don't dis it till u try it" Give it a try, and see if u are the swearing "by" or "at" person :D

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