Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sum Long Teochew Braised Duck Noodles @ Tiong Bahru (18th Oct 2008)

I LOOOOVE meat... duck meat... all the fatty duck meat :P *yummy*

So... someone told me about this really good duck noodles at Tiong Bahru... So I have to try it. I know I know... all the greedy MilkMilk posters coming up... yes, yes... I am greedy!! :p But I still love duck!

Braised Duck noodles - DSC_1850

Braised Duck noodles - DSC_1852

Nothing special about the noodles... Mainly due to the fact, I am not much of breakfast person... I don't eat before 12pm... usually, esp on weekends... :P but duck... meat!! I had to have more!!! so onwards... I had to order another order of the duck... esp those on the slightly fatty side...

Braised Duck slices - DSC_1883

Braised Duck slices - DSC_1890

The next time (which will be quite soon, I hope) I would want to order at least 1/2 a duck and with the nice nice sourish chilli sauce and a small bowl of rice with lots of gravy!!!

I forgot to explain why I am up and about searching for food this early... I was participating in this photography event.... And they did not even provide us food....but I got over that when I had the duck slices which I know they would never provide me with :p

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