Friday, October 31, 2008

Tea @ Tong Ah Seafood Restaurant (30th Oct 2008)

Spicy food should always follow by my favorite sickening sweet Milk Tea with lots and lots of milk. and there is of course a need for some kaya toast.. :) *Heaven*

My favorite teh ka da!!! which is Tea with extra milk!!! :P

Milk tea - DSC_3757

Milk tea - DSC_3754

And their great Kaya toast with butter!!!
Kaya toast - DSC_3769

the only one left - DSC_3782

Saved the last bit for my flickr buddies...but... couldn't resist... so I popped it into my mouth...

Kaya toast - DSC_3778

My visit was.... a disappointment... cause the milk tea was not sweet enough... I should have told them to change it... but I decided it could be a one off thing... and it was... proved by the take away teh... *slurps*

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