Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gunther's (19th Jan 2008)

modern French Cuisine... I think this can easily be my favorite french restaurant for this coming year!!!
the chef was fantastic... given the fact that there wasn't much vegetarian choices in the menu... He managed to come up with a great selection for me and for that i am very surprised and pleased!
and the waiters were terriblely patient with a person who had asked for change of glasses twice!! and it's not that they did a bad job cleaning the glasses... but rather... these types of glasses stained easily... :D
It was a wonderful experience and i would definitely encourage ppl to go there... and I would also recommend the place to MOST of my friends!!!


Angel hair with truffle... *YUM*

Angel hair with truffle... *YUM*
I am glad this is a small portion... cause it got slightly heavy after a few mouthfuls...

Asparagus  with Ravioli

Asparagus with Ravioli
Grilled asparagus and ...ravioli with a surprise in it... (think of sunrise)

The Ravioli surprise

the yolk is indeed a surprise!cause i thought that it's some minced vegetable in it... but when icut it opened... the yolk flowed out!!! I love eggs!! hehehe

Onion Confit

Onion Confit
This a fantastic dish!!! the onions were cooked to perfection... did i mention that this is not in the menu and the chef just came up with these dishes when i informed the waiter i was a vegetarian.... Once again Great job, CHEF!

(on a side note.... I am not a PERM vegetarian.... so don't eye on my portion of food!! )

Special Baked potato.... ( i did not catch the name)

Special Baked potato.... ( i did not catch the name)
Potato baked in a pot... with grass and a ring of pastry to seal it...
I am not a fan of potato..... (maybe i can accept a few bags or maybe a few cartons of potato chips..... )

Special Baked potato.... ( i did not catch the name)

and this was how it came as...


Souffle (I love the souffle... but just don't like the bottom alcoholic part... )

Cheese!! (from France)

Cheese!! (from France)
I always prefer my cheese with cracker... but breads are fine too... if they are good ones...

and lastly.... Petits fours and we have the

Petits fours- Cannele

Cannele with my teeth marks!!!

Petits fours- Marcoon

Marcoon (which are not that good....)

BUt all in all, it was a fantastic meal!!! :D and they said frist impressions count :)

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