Monday, September 1, 2008

Qun Zhong Eating House (30th Aug 2008)

I guess I am not just a glutton for food... but also a glutton for punishment :P hehe But I think being abused before having a meal is a privilege!!! *YEAH SURE!!!* Well.... at least that's what happened in the beginning of our snack cum late tea time meal there.

The boss or I prefer to as "THE Grumpy old man!" refused to seat us even though a 1/4 of us was just waiting to cross the street to his restaurant.... insisted on us having the WHOLE party there before we can get a table... when we could have easily got a table, ordered and move on with our lives....

Anyway this is supposed to be THE place for northern China food... well... with that kind of attitude, I did for the moment believed that I was there.

I didn't try most of the food.... I only had the Noodle with mince pork and soya bean paste, Mixed Seafood and pork dumplings - Pan fried and Little Juicy Steamed Meat dumplings.

WE ordered quite a bit though.... :P

Anyway here's the pictures!!! And I think we can have a better meal with a better attitude, had we went to a chain store like Crystal jade :p

Pan fried mixed seafood and pork dumplings - these were quite good... cause I had 3 of these *yummy*

Mixed Seafood and pork dumplings - Pan fried - (DSC_1589)

Chinese Pizza- I thought this should be good toooooo esp with the amount of chives they had put into it.... I was too busy snapping pictures hehe so i didn't try this :D

Chinese Pizza - (DSC_1581)

Noodle with mince pork and soya bean paste - I like this dish alot... but I realized it wasn't as tasty as before... nor was the sauce enough ...

Noodle with mince pork and soya bean paste - (DSC_1557)

And it looked like this after a good mix!!!

Noodle with mince pork and soya bean paste - (DSC_1574)

Hot and sour noodles.... I never did like this type of soup... so i did not want to try this. I heard from the whispers... (cause i think we are not keen about having THE old man over) that it was NOT as nice as CJ!!

Hot & Sour noodle - (DSC_1564)

Vegetarian dumplings - one of us... didn't have enough vegetables so she had to order this... but as i know I am going to be a vegetarian the whole of tomorrow... so i decide not to try this dish...

Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings - (DSC_1595)

Xiao Long bao (Steamed meat dumpling) .... okie the main part of this dish.. is the "stock" and these dumplings indeed has the stock... but the stock is not rich enough. So it became a partial disappointment.....

Little Juicy Steamed Meat dumplings - (DSC_1599)

Little Juicy Steamed Meat dumplings - (DSC_1591)

On a final note... if u like to be spoke in a rude manner, and don't mind putting up with not as good as before Qun Zhong food... I think u can give it a go.... Otherwise, Forget it!


Camemberu said...

Hey, cute blog! I finally understand what kind of pink you guys were discussing!

MissyGlutton said...

:D ty :D sooo... is it THAT pink?

Camemberu said...

hahaha yes! your description was quite good - it's a pink that raises an eyebrow!

Anonymous said...

Although the food is pretty good, their service is TERRIBLE! They have the most horrible of attitude, from the server, the guy who takes to the order to the female boss and the man boss who collects the money.
I'd recommend that everyone steer clear of this shop, unless you want to be treated like crap and paying for it.
In inflationary times like these, they act as though they are the only restaurant in town.

MissyGlutton said...

hahah to the person who had dissed it so much... I totally agree with u about their services... but I think it's part of their charm :D

sometimes, just sit and relax... things will go your way... :D