Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 Major things (I felt) happened today.

The eve before Children's day... and 2 major things happened.

1) The rejection of US$700b bailout bill by the US house of representatives.
Do these people know that the whole world... well.... ALMOST the whole freaking world is dependent on them to make it work out!! Yeah at ur people's expense, you will be paying for the greed of others. But blame it on yourself for not keeping track and making sure things would not turn out AS BAD AS NOW! If u think that it's just about ur taxpayer money, think again!! it's about the clerk that is wondering if she would earn enough to make a living for her family, and that handicapped boy who hoped for a donation to better his future. The world is NEVER just about u! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SHIT!! cause the black stuff u should see everyday is not coffee, but CRAP u been dishing out to the rest of the world!!!

2) Mr JB Jeyaratnam has passed away
Honestly was hoping he would do something for us Singaporean. From his struggle, I was silently encouraging him to go further. Though not out loud, I was supporting him. His struggle from his bankrupty case, and his moving forward from there had gained my respect. As slient as my support had for him, my tears would flow. I hope he will go to a better place now. Goodbye Mr Jeyaratnam. Thank you for trying to help.

Today is indeed a sad day for me. Just the eve of Children day... and my favorite month of the year....