Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tatsuya (Sept 13 2008)

In operation - (DSC02581)

It was definitely open for business!! :D Walking into a BUSY Japanese restaurant was quite daunting, especially for people who prefer quiet meals..... We were greeted by shouts of welcome.

WT...  - (DSC_2640)

Bottles of weird weird liquid with plums in there.... I didn't want to ask them what those were... as the servers seemed to be so busy with things... Somehow, I just do not know what these people were busy with... they were all so hyper and moving around as bees.... move slowly already!!

Mixture of Sashimi for 2 persons - (DSC_2657)

Mixture of Sashimi for 2 persons - (DSC_2648)

Mixture of Sashimi for 2 persons - (DSC_2665)

Mixture of Sashimi for 2 persons - (DSC_2647)

Mixture of Sashimi for 2 persons
I looooooooooooooooooooooove sashimi... I like salmon, i like otoro, I like sweet shrimps... I like octopus... I know there are japanese names to these... but I really do not like to go into those... I know what I want, though not their names... and I like my sashimi colder than room temperature. Another reason why i do not like to go to a Japanese place during their busy hours.. is we are served with Sashimi that are good, but not at the right temperature.

Uni Sushi - (DSC_2678)

Uni Sushi!!!
okie... Uni is one of my favorite. I like it, but I like to be able to taste it too. Somehow, this Uni had a weird taste... I meant the chef might be trying to enhance the taste of the uni or hide the taste of it... I do not know... but it's definitely not something I had enjoyed. I still prefer my uni taste without any fanciful other additional tastes distracting me from my uni.

Sushi for 1 - (DSC_2697)

Sushi for 1 - (DSC_2710)

Sushi for 1
This portion seemed to be quite huge for a person. I can be so filled up by this. :D The tuna maki is very unique... I think they had marinated the tuna with some fried tempura batter bits, spring onion and something else... I can't remember..... but it was good. I didn't like the slightly bbq or whatever u would called it mayo thingie on the prawn and the scallop... the flavour was just too strong, taking away the taste of the fresh sashimi they had used.

Mixed Tempura - (DSC_2736)

Mixed Tempura - (DSC_2733)

Mixed Tempura

okie.... It's going to be a really negative experience for me @ this "supposingly to be REALLY good" japanese place. The batter is just too thick!!!! I thought it's supposed to be a light batter, and the batter was thicker than what I like and what I felt a good tempura should have.

Grilled Mackeral (saba) - (DSC_2691)

I am quite a fish person, especially when I realized I can't have too much of beef. Maybe it's because I am getting old. But this saba had a slightly bitter taste esp at the tummy area. I only had the tummy area... The taste was very slight, but it just pop out every time I chew.

Name of the place - (DSC_2639)

Tatsuya, definitely has a group of leaders who are running a tight ship, as my makan kaki told me. But having to run a tight ship also mean everyone is on hyper active mode and high tension all around. Lunch is a relaxed moment, at least for me. To me, i need a less tense environment.

I might go back one day to try their bento sets... but it will definitely after their busy lunch hours...

and this experience could have been better... and I would have to pay less for what the quality of food I had.


Camemberu said...

Oh wow, what luscious sashimi! I'm glad you decided to put up bigger photos - it really makes a difference!

I have to agree their tempura is quite disappointing. Their bentos are OK but not filling one.

MissyGlutton said...

the sashimi is not too bad... i just didn't like the temperature of it.

hehe should have told me that my photos are too smalll :D I could had corrected it.

I am glad i am not the only one who is disappointed in their tempura.

hmm the bento sets seemed quite huge.