Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tin Hill Bistro WineBar (Sept 14 2008)

Name of place - (DSC_2996)

Saw this restaurant a few times when I was going thru the ever so busy road... Was it Upper Bt timah road approaching 6th Ave... most likely... :P Was attracted to the ceiling to floor glass walls... I always like such places... and think of the amount of time needed to clean it up :P

Today's special - (DSC_2992)

Daily specials are usually written on this black plastic sheet looking thing... also good for checking out if any one enter the place :P I am absolutely paranoid about people coming in the room when I can't see them... but i can hear them.

Desserts .... - (DSC_2998)

Strong smelling food should never be placed with stuffs that would absorbed the smell of others. :D so... what kept me in this place, with somewhat horrible service I had got. The Macaroons of course!!! :D and that little pile of macaroons... *yummy* can't wait to sink my teeth into them :D

Antipasti - (DSC_3010)


We chose Roasted Aubergines in Garlic oil and Roasted Zuchinni in oregano-infused oil and we got Garlic in olive oil as their choice. The toast was good :P esp with aubergines. I didn't think too much of the roasted Zuchinni. It didn't taste as if it was roasted. I felt that they had just put it in the oil...

Antipasti - (DSC_3025)

the Garlic was good! :D I had 2 all to myself. Garlic does have this strong smell and taste... but this was rather light... and wasn't strong to me. This would not be a dish I would order again, should I come back. Felt there is nothing special about it at all.

Rouge Omelet - (DSC_3054)

Rouge Omelet - (DSC_3058)

Rouge Omelet -
Onion (replacing red peppers), tomatoes, cheddar, chives topped with sour cream

I was supposed to have vegetarian for the day. But vegetarian in terms of no meat.... but yes to onion, garlic, milk and eggs... that's why I ordered this meatless breakfast choice. I didn't like red peppers, so I asked for onion instead.... this was quite good, see the "cream" ooozing out of it. *yummy*

Things i did not order or got to try....

Scramble Egg - (DSC_3043)

Scramble Egg with sauteed onions, mushrooms, bacon and toasted soldiers

Considering that the person who ordered this, ate everything other than the onions... i think this would be a good dish to try the next time round.

Classic Eggs Benedict - (DSC_3037)

Classic Eggs Benedict :- didn't try this... didn't get the comments from the person who ate it too...
But she finished everything......

Macaroons - (DSC_3065)

now now... to the reasons why I put up with crappy service... It was an absolutely love at frist sight thing... I couldn't just walked out without having you.... my lovely Macaroons...

Rose flavoured Macaroon - (DSC_3072)

Rose flavoured ... yummmm hmmmm i am losing bits and pieces of it!!! why? cause it was too breaking into pieces before i can stuff all of them into my mouth!!!! gosh... I just need to stop and rethink my plans on how to devour this beauty....

Anyway my attempt failed... I lost about point 5 percent of my Macaroon....
well... at least i got a picture of it... and I had another waiting for me... and it was slightly flatter... :D

Earl Grey Flavour Macaroon - (DSC_3076)

Earl Grey Flavour Macaroon
This tasted like chocolate than earl grey... and it has a rather peculiar taste... I tot it smelt like the garlic i had earlier.... could it be a case of garlic breathe??!?! I need to explore this a bit more... Maybe....

Today's special - (DSC_2999)
This is one place... I might want to consider , seriously consider about going back..... Could be the laid back natures of service staff which i am not used to. I am not used to being served with my antipasti like 20 mins after I ordered, when someone else seemed to get their WARM scones order faster than me . oh come on!!! how much time, do you need to serve food that's already prepared, which came out cold btw??!?! Considering that drinks are made easily... the other table got theirs definitely earlier than we did, we got our juices like 10 mins after the antipasti.
To have a service staff asking me a question like "how long was it you had ordered your antipasti?", as if I could not ask when is food coming, led me to think of a purchase....
I am soooooooooooo getting myself a stopwatch!!!
Watch out for the ANAL GREEDY PIG!! i am so coming soon!!! and I will have an answer for that question!

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