Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chiara Risotorante (16th Sept 2008)

Light - (DSC_8132)

I am the type of person whom one would say is brainless... I can be easily entertained by these little balls, shimmering above... for hours, if no one interupts. Do not ask me what I was thinking about, cause I would have to come up with an excuse, other than the truth (I am not thinking of anything). So having something like this in a restaurant is good ! :D

Green and Black Olives - (DSC_8073)

Woooo free food ... Green and Black olives... not my favorite fruits of the day... but my dining partner loved it, emptied out the ramekin... She was definitely having fun poking with the star dagger.... I thought she was trying to make sure they were definitely dead before eating them... None jumped up and protest her treatment of them :D

Bread - (DSC_8094)

And then we came to my favorite... BREAD!!! nice and warm... that's what bread should always be served at. Along with some olive oil and ... hmmm this is not the usual balsamic vinegar we usually have... it's like the thick thick dark soya sauce which is slightly sweet... I really like this than the normal watery type... It's a pity I was only able to get a dessert spoonful of it, even after asking for more. Maybe I should try this at home when I have guests over.

Pan Seared Duck Foie Gras - (DSC_8104)

Pan Seared Duck Foie GrasPoached pear, Almond Ravioli with Light Amaretto Sauce

Force fed might they be... won't take away my adoration for this delicious part of a duck. Though I did not really pay attention to how the duck or goose were forced fed till I got hooked to this delicious part of them, I do not agree not in giving it up just yet. I would definitely give it up, should one tell me that these are wild ducks or geese being captured and forced fed. But these animals are bred to be killed as food for us. So.... I would bow and kiss ur web feet the next time I go to a chinese restaurant for duck web, till then... the foie gras is good enough to think of the guilt later. With a rather enjoyable foie gras, I can easily forgive the rather dry ravioli. Oh, I would not say this is a perfect piece of liver... just because I prefer mine with more sweet sauce. :p

Oven - baked Ricotta Spinach Cannelloni - (DSC_8125)

A spoonful of Oven - baked Ricotta Spinach Cannelloni ....

Don't u feel hungry... this was supposed to be my friend's main... but she was swinging this in front of my eyes.... who would be able to resist... esp a ugly pig who loooooooooooooove spinach almost anything... :P

Oven - baked Ricotta Spinach Cannelloni - (DSC_8131)

Seeing that she has such a "big" portion of it... I decided to get a few spoonfuls... "just to taste." :)

Absolutely delicious... please ignore the comment if u are not a spinach person.... but how can anyone not like spinach... :p Was regretting I decided to go for the set meal... maybe the next time, I will get this ALL TO MYSELF.

Cod Fillet - (DSC_8141)

Cod Fillet - (DSC_8146)

Cod Fillet with Basil Risotto

I guess I am an Asian thru and thru... I love my carbo, esp the rice. The Basil Risotto was the one that drew me to this dish... they was supposed to be serving another fish.. Red mullet, but they do not have it... so they changed it to a Cod Fillet instead. Cod is a great fish to have.... I did not enjoy this as much as I thought I would. The flavour of the risotto wasn't to my taste... and the cod has a slight fishy taste to it. I been spolit lately by my mom's frequent visits to the fish market, that I do not like to have fishes that had fishy taste. But I was hungry.....

Panno Cotta - (DSC_8179)

Panna Cotta with Fruit Salad

For no better choices, I chose Panna Cotta. But this was great!! how great? Not telling. Just go and give it a try :D I had to say the vanilla seeds at the bottom of the cup is a good sign.

Tiramisu - (DSC_8159)

Iced cappuccino - (DSC_8201)

Tirasmisu with iced cappuccino

Dessert with coffee would never tempt me!!! even if it's ice cream! :p

All in all, I think it is a reasonable portion of reasonable food for reasonable price @ a good location. Definitely a "should try it out" place :D

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