Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reif + James (27 Nov 2007)

Saw this restaurant a few times... thought it looks quite funky... so i wanted to try it.
so got the chance to do it at last...
It's a European cusine with an Asian twist....
Random shot

A cup of nice iced tea to start my meal...


surprisingly this is qutie good :D

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetableswith feta cheese + mesclun salad in honey vinaigrette
I didn't expect a whole chunk of salad at the bottom!!! i don't like !! and not enough roasted veggieee... :(
and the feta cheese.... so so only!!! and not enough of salad dressing!!!

Fresh Crab Claws

Fresh Crab Claws

Fresh Crab Claws

Fresh Crab Clawswith pinenuts + chilli padi in white wine sauce
I thought the chilli padi would make this dish spicy.. they had only put in a little.. maybe cause I didn't want capsicum for my roasted vegetables....
and secondly!! where is the claws!!! I only see crab meat!!! *rolleyes*

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