Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Inagiku @ Raffles The Plaza


A lunch with a fren at Inagiku... Quite a good resturant, esp with the lunch sets and of course, the Feed at Raffles card!!


Ika Shiokara!!
which is also know as salt cured squid... I think it's a rather unique dish.. most people would know how to enjoy it!! which is GREAT!! then i can have more *Laughs*


Grilled smelt fish!!!


Hamanako Unagi Lunch SET!!!
It's quite a good deal for this.... look for individual pictures of them...


I think this is the free salad... I was quite hungry, so i actually finished the whole plate... VEGGIE! a plate of veggie.... RAW VEGGIEE!! now i feel my tummy churning...



Sweet Shrimp and Seabass Sashimi!!they are quite sweet.... :P


Cabbage Pickle.... I didn't like it as much... there was a sourish taste, which i didn't take well...


Jidori Omelette and Grilled eel
This wasn't as good as i hope it would be.... the sauce was not sweet at all.. n it's quite bland...


Eel's Liver Soup!!!Unique taste indeed... the meatball is quite good as well. And of course the nice little liver in there do helps quite a bit... *yum*


Grilled Hamanako Eel on top of rice !The eel was GOOD!!! nice and fatty and i love the skin of it tooo!!! Generous serving as welll....



Tempura Prawn head!!!
*yum* it's quite good!!!take it from a person who loves the heads of prawn!! or shrimps!!!


Blood clams sashimi or see ham !!
or they said it's Akagai... who am i to argue with the experts...
And Botan Ebi!
to me, it's just shrimp or prawn... fancy names don't really get me excitied...



Peach Crepe...
It has a slice of peach (Canned one) and a slice of banana too!!! I like the chocolate... otherwise.... it's just okay!

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