Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Muthu's Curry Restaurant

Muthu curry restaurant is one of the better furnished place... can't say too much about the food. But would be a nice place for ppl who prefer a more westernized type of indian meal.


Briyani Rice

Cottage Cheese with Spinach Curry...
This version is slightly too watery for my taste...


Tadkaa Daal
I like this... but only in a few spoonful... Muthu doesn't have extra vegetables that come with the rice... so we have to get side orders of this...


Brinjal Masala
Brinjal cooked in a curry. I prefer the brinjai to be mashed...

Muttun Curry
Mutton in a thick gravy made from ginger, garlic and spices


Fish Roeeee *YUM*I like the fishy taste...

Curry Fish head... this is quite scary... considering that most of the meat had fallen off... leaving the skull..... eks

Tandoori Mushrooms
Crunchy mushrooms marinated in a chef's special mix of spices and cooked in the tandoor (something like bbq in a oven)
This is one of my favorite dishes in Muthu....


Another satisfactory meal....
Address:138 Race Course Road
Tel: 6392 1722

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