Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ola-Cocina del Mar

For once, Missy is sorry for her choice of camera.  Iphone 5 is not a good equipment to take photos of the wonderful meal Missy had enjoyed with XiaoMei.   Both Xiaomei and Missy had enjoyed the simplicity of the excellent food presented by the kitchen.   With a friendly chef like Daniel, who willingly share his knowledge with the guests made the whole experience even better. 

The first experience of the excellent young olive oil with simple bread, Missy knows that she would love any items on the menu.  As nothing appealed to Xiaomei and Missy from the tapas menu, they decided to order 4 mains.  As usual, Missy was too greedy to be stopped.  Chef Daniel made the decision of half the main portion.  To make things even better, we were able to get a smaller portion of each dish. 

Simple and good are the best words to describe the food served from this kitchen.   Ola had introduced such wonderful simple Spanish food to Missy.  The desire to visit Spain who inspired such wonderful food became so much stronger.

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