Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Santi (Marina Bay Sands) - closed.

When a great tree falls in the forest, would it make any noise?   

On Feb 17 2011, Spanish chef Santi Santamaria collapsed in his kitchen at Marina Bay Sands, Missy just felt sorry for a loss of life.   The announcement of Santi’s closure on March 11 2012 hurried Missy’s steps to one of the better restaurants in Singapore.

Good things can be said, but will not replace the great loss to Singapore culinary scene.  Throughout the whole meal, Missy felt the pride of late Chef Santi Santamaria shining thru the excellent team he had put in place.

When it all ended, Missy deeply regrets her too late visit, and even more for the world losing such a great man.  

Rest in peace, Chef Santi Santamaria. 

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