Saturday, April 14, 2012

A rant before Missy burst up in flames....

Missy had been drowning in others’ “practice[s] of judging the merits and faults of something or someone in an intelligible (or articulate) way” (Source : Wikipedia) for the longest time.  Words, advices and articles from people, chefs, people, magazine and the rest of non – bloggers world are quite over whelming.  For people who are poking their heads in bloggers’ business, get out. If you do not like our stuffs, don’t read them. It is not as if Missy agrees with many food bloggers and their ways all the times.

Missy likes eating, taking photography, and most importantly telling everyone how she felt about food she worked hard to PAY FOR!   As for magazines and the rest of the non-bloggers’ world, you do your jobs well, Missy will not likely bother to say anything about anyone.   

The most important group of people aka the chefs, if u do not want people to say anything bad about your food, don’t cook, don’t charge, go hide in some caves up some mountains with snowy caps.  

Missy doesn’t get paid for doing this, so butt off!!!!! 

Enough of rantings… Stay tune for next review * cross fingers *


365days2play said...

Is that your kitty? It looks cute. Very suitable for this post, esp the 2nd pic!

MissyGlutton said...

:) nay it is not mine. It is part of a family of 4 cats I am feeding during the weekdays.

Now i can barely have them look at me like that... but it is a happy kind of thing.