Friday, May 18, 2012

Brasserie Wolf

It is white asparagus season!! Missy likes white asparagus and had got some to try cooking them (thought it might be cheaper and more for her).  Bella gave some tips on how to blanch the asparagus and it was done perfectly, with a bite.    

Brasserie Wolf was offering a white asparagus menu and their executive chef was talking about it on his fan page.  Missy felt she should give the restaurant another try, just for her love for the white asparagus.  Poached white asparagus, poached egg and hollandaise sauce was the dish chose out of several that were offered.    Missy wished she could love the dish, but nay.  The egg was okay; the hollandaise sauce was perfect and the white asparagus SUCK big time!   Missy’s attempts to slice them broke them into strands.    It was difficult to chew or cut the asparagus into bite able sizes.  Rather disappointed that one of her favorite ingredients was done so badly.

Traditional French onion soup with Gruyere cheese & toast was done well.  The soup was flavorful with loads of onions.  The plentiful Gruyere cheese with the toast gave the soup a great touch of heartiness.  It’s hot, it’s flavorful and it’s cheesy!!! Missy loves.    Brasserie wolf’s version could easily be one of Missy’s favorite French onion soups in Singapore.

Missy read somewhere that Brasserie Wolf has this new grill, supposed to be a big hoo haa that produces excellent food.  When the menu mention Josper grilled foie gras with griottine cherry sauce, she has to try it out.  When the foie gras came, Missy felt they had served a whole liver of a young duckling.  It was such a generous portion.  Missy loves foie gras; unfortunately this really turns her off.  The foie gras piece was like a lump of gooey fat.  The outside was soft; the inside was gooey, Missy felt disgusted by it.  The taste wasn’t impressive as well.    Due to these various reasons, she chose not to finish the dish.   This was another waste of her favorite ingredients.  * Big sigh + a roll of eyeballs *

USDA Choice, Rib eye 220gm with bone marrow, bordelaise sauce and mash potato was asked to serve raw.   Missy likes her steak raw these days.  Mash potato was okay, bone marrow was fine, bordelaise sauce was so so and the steak was tasty.   She felt the steak could had seared better, it just lack so much in coloring.  If look is everything, it will be a F.

Missy was asked to leave her contact behind, as she had feedback she did not enjoy the asparagus.  For that effort from the lady manager, it was worth mentioning.  What is also worth mentioning is the executive chef wasn’t in the kitchen preparing or even supervising the dishes that were served.  He was out busy doing some off site catering.  To this, Missy wonders if she had been short changed by the restaurant, as she had actually went to try the skills of chef Claudio Sandri.

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