Friday, May 11, 2012

Nogawa Japanese Restaurant (Concorde Hotel)

How many chances should someone or a place get?  For Missy, usually none.   For Nogawa Japanese restaurant, Missy had been most patient and too forgiving in her usual standards. 

Chef’s choice is usually the way Missy would choose to order in a Japanese restaurant.  The dishes served during Nogawa’s omakase are downright embarrassing and insulting to Missy. 

Raw fish (sashimi) came with barely any “exotic” choices… half a scallop?  Please, don’t insult one’s intelligence.  Even with such lousy sashimi choices, it is hardly comparable to Missy’s favorite sushi chain!   

Grilled dish?  A lousy piece of salmon with some onions?  Miss U (who can barely boil an egg) can cook better than that!!  

 The highlight of the meal should be deep fried dish.  Missy doesn’t understand how it would turn out so bad.  The fish tasted like it was deep-fried in oil, which ALL his relatives from the ocean had been in.  The horrible used oil taste actually turned Missy’s tummy so bad, she could barely eat for the rest of the day. 

Another thing that puzzle Missy greatly was they actually had technicians coming to fix their light bulbs during lunch hours.  One of them actually set their ladder in front of Missy’s table and started changing the light bulb.  Is this how they would usually treat customers? 

Inequality of treatments from the sushi chefs is one of the most prominent problems with Nogawa.  Missy had seen how big a difference different people are treated there.  Compared to some others who had been there and paid less, Missy ate worse.

Missy rarely shares the picture of the recipe, as she never thinks cost should be a reason a person enjoys of the food she or he eats.  To pay for dishes that are so horrible “sushi deli” style is such a foolish choice.   Nogawa had not changed, even after a few years.  To Missy, it is okay, because she is going to take her money and spend it somewhere else better.  For those who had great food from Nogawa, do look at the food that was served and remembered what was served to you at what cost.   

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