Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant (Dempsey)

Red Waterbottle always tell Missy that she should always start a letter or anything with positive news.  Nay, Missy rarely follow rules nor listen to good advice.  If now is not the time to make mistakes, when will be the right time to do so?  Recently Missy went for a general blood check up, just to make sure she will be alive long enough to  go for her favorite chef’s visit to Singapore.  Bad news… Because of the results, Missy is on a LOW everything diet.  No carbo, No red meats, no Wagyu beef, no nothing.  If it is possible, Missy think Dr Tan will put her on a vegetarian diet.  Missy is feeling pretty down lately about it.  The good new is she is just going to stick to it for a month, so she can have a better result in Aug 2012.  After that, it will be back to some of everything diet!! :D

Anyway, due to the fact that Missy is not able to take much variety of food, her craving list just grew.  Seriously, it has a life of its own.  Missy was tricked to go to a Japanese chain restaurant.  Japanese food is healthy!! 

Missy understand that the food served might not be what the photo of the menu is.  To have another neighbor diner who is having another set with similar description of the sashimi having another better and different amount of food is unacceptable.   

As Missy is on a no red meat diet, she actually request not to have pork.  Although the service staff confirmed that Missy is able to have chicken and fish, pork was still served and destined for Mister Rubbishbin.   

The semi grilled sushi wasn’t that great.  The taste was fusion Japanese food style, and was quite different in a bad way.  Singapore restaurants need to understand that serving food, which the customer doesn’t wish to have, would result in wastage!!!  Missy told the service staffs if it is possible not to have rice, just serve the fish on it.  Oh no, it cannot be done.  Why?  Because it will be more troublesome.  How exactly would it be more troublesome?  The sushi chef don’t have to shape the rice…. Just place the fish on the plate, and that would be it.  After pondering for a while, Missy think the sushi items are pre made…. And served when the customers order.  Very conveyer belt style.   

As Missy has a big appetite, she decided to order a grilled fish to fill the gap.  She was told it was grilled with salt.  The fish was dry and not salty.   The operation (code name : Soya drowning) of trying to make the fish taste better worked.  Maybe that was the intention of the chef, to drown the fish in soya.

On the whole, Missy is not very impressed with this place.  She is disappointed with that particular blogger who had almost described Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant chain as “天上有,地上无”  aka “Heaven has,  Earth does not have”.  Missy felt much happier eating at Sushi Tei.

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