Monday, August 6, 2012

The #CookForFamily Initiative

Being a person who loves to eat and comment on others's cooking, Missy find it rather stressful to cook for others.  Missy was approached to participate in the cook for family initiative by Daniel.  Cook  and take pictures would not be that difficult after all, it is just family.  

What to cook? When to cook? To satisfy a group of super duper fussy eaters... French, italian or just a pork roast that will definitely be welcomed?  After a few weeks of thinking, the best dish to cook is Missy's family version of the Hokkien Popiah.   This recipe is from Missy's mother's mother in law aka Missy's granny.   Missy's mother is not the greatest cook in the world, but she can certainly cook some dishes.  Remembering this recipe but not exactly mastering, was a series of trial and error for Missy and Mighty mouse (Missy's sister).

Just prep'ing the vegetables will usually take about 2 to 3 hours with about 4 pairs of hands, and the cooking will take about the same amount of time.  Missy's granny used to do it all by herself.  Sisters and Missy came out with an idea to entertain their friends.  Telling how granny only pass one part of the recipe to one grand kid and this dish can only be made if everyone is present.  A few friends actually thought it was truth, as the family only invite friends for this wonderful dish on rare occasion.

Cooking for family is indeed a joy, a pain and and accomplishment.  To have family settle back with satisfied smiles is the best reward for the hard work.  

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