Thursday, August 30, 2012

Il laboratorio del gelato (NYC)

When Miss U and Missy went on this NY trip, they are supposed to be on a diet.  Diet or not, there is still a need to eat, but with restrictions.  There was supposed to be list of gelato shops Missy was hoping to hit, but gave that up. 

It was with great pleasure (mostly on Missy’s part) to discover this gelato shop, right across Katz’s deli.  At the frist look, it definitely don't look much like any gelato shop.  But Missy is usually not good at much, except with names associated to food or ice cream and in this case gelato.   Being the Queen of gluttony, she immediately recognized "gelato" as food!!!!  She will definitely convinced Miss U to go and take a look at it, no matter what.

Stepping into Il laboratorio del gelato was like stepping into a laboratory, everything was so sterile and clean…. Slightly scary, was expecting someone coming out in their laboratory uniform to chase them out.    Instead there was a rather hassled person trying to put out all the flavors, he was trying to serve at the same time.  There was so many flavors to choose from, from oriental to the more classical flavors.  Missy took quite a while to decide, and Mr Hassled Person wasn't impressed at her indecisiveness.  As there was only two chances at tasting, Missy just go for the ones she had never tried before.  Honey Lavender and toasted white sesame.   Honey lavender was with a very slight lavender and honey taste which just kiss and good bye so fast, leaving wonderful pictures of standing in a field of lavenders with distance sounds of busy bees.  Definitely heavy taste of the toasting along with cream, giving the toasted white sesame a heavier taste than regular black sesame (found in Singapore).  Both flavors were winners. 

Although Singapore does have their own artisan ice cream parlors, Missy thinks they are still a long way to go when compared to il laboratorio del gelato.   Not saying that Singapore ice cream parlors are not good, Missy just find that most of them would concentrate on local flavors.  Beyond Singapore, such flavors might just be once a blue moon treat, and not a good excuse to hit gym daily.  It would be nice if the hassled person aka Jon Snyder aka the boss would consider having a Singapore branch. 

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Nick said...

That was some good gelato and I miss Katz' especially! Other than Fette Sau, easily the best meal I had in NY!