Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Katz's Delicatessen

Ox tongue (Katz’s tongue) sandwich had been on her mind, ever since Missy saw it on some food network show… Can’t remember if it was “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” or was it “No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain”.   It is with great pleasure * burps * that she said it is no longer on her list.

During her visit to NYC, Missy made a purposeful trip to Katz's Delicatessen.  It was a long and rather difficult journey, dragging a non-foodie who doesn’t understand the urge thru a rather complex (to Missy) train system.  Missy is definitely not a good person to bring on travels, as she tends to leave her brains back in Singapore.

The whole thing was rather surreal to Missy.  She was handled a ticket, which reminded her of the old bus stub of Singapore.  Of course, she was told not to lose it, and being the bimbo she was, she kept asking the two nice and patient security enforcers why.  Very nice and retro place, it looked just like a typical US bistro?  Don’t think much had changed since they moved into this location in 90’s.  

Ox tongue (Katz’s tongue) sandwich is what Missy wanted, and a nice bowl of chicken noodles soup.  Although chicken noodle soup can be bought in Singapore, it could never remove the wonderful memories of Missy’s idea of only having the best chicken noodles soup in NYC.

You can order it as a whole or half a sandwich.  Missy thought she could just order half and a bowl of soup, so she might have room for maybe a pastrami or even a salami sandwich.  Unfortunately the sandwich came in a rather big sized, it was a full slice of bread with a stack of ox tongue slices and with some mustard.  * YUMMy *  The chicken noodles soup was excellent, just like those of her memories.

After (and BEFORE) food, there was plenty of running around to take as much shots of the place as possible.  The servers must be used to the tourists, cause they did not even blink an eye, as Missy went around snapping photos.  As for the non-Foodie person (aka Miss U), she enjoyed the first of the many bagels in our NYC trip.

Although it did not make an impact there and then, the memories of the sandwich lingered.  More than 2 weeks had passed, Missy is missing Katz’s delicatessen and plotting how to smuggle  import some of delicious ox tongue over.  Sometimes it is the simple food that we will miss most.

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