Friday, February 20, 2009

7atenine (15th Feb 2009)

Outdoor sitting - DSC_3221

It was a hot and hot day! :P We were so glad to get out of the heat... so we basically had to have so much drinks in a row, just to cool down before starting on our meal.

Drinks... - DSC_3240 copy

Itchy Lips

Itchy Lips - DSC_3536

I love the touch of orange drink mix that was at the bottom of the spoon, added an unqiue touch to this dish. But we didn't like the 2nd order of it, which didn't have any of those orange drink mix powder... instead more salt was added... :p

Itchy Lips - DSC_3262

Anchovies with mozarella
One of my favorite dish :D

Anchovies with mozarella - DSC_3283

Anchovies with mozarella - DSC_3280

Gazpacho (Spainish cold tomato soup)
The greenish thing in the nice package was an herbal ice cube. It's special cause I rarely see it done with a nice green ice cube... but then I still prefer the previous way of serving with the nice shiso leaf tempura :D And also the bits and pieces of pepper in there... yucks. I think I prefer the soup plain with the tempura.

Gazpacho (Spainish cold tomato soup) - DSC_3256

Parma Ham with melon

Parma Ham with melon - DSC_3297

Sauerkraut Salmon roll
I do not like this too much. I like the look of it, but the taste is not quite my cup of tea. I didn't like the sauerkraut, actually I never did like sauerkraut before.

Sauerkraut Salmon roll - DSC_3321 copy

Beef roll on stone

Beef roll on stone - DSC_3334

Beef roll on stone - DSC_3344

Squid ink risotto
I always like Risotto, and sometimes chefs don't do it well. But this was okay.... I think having a whole squid does put a nice touch to the whole look of it.

Squid ink risotto - DSC_3381 copy

Squid ink risotto - DSC_3390

Teriyaki Cod fish with pumpkin with cumin puree
I like the puree.. I think this place does such good puree of anything :D hehehe I think I will eat almost anything that's puree at this place.

Teriyaki Cod fish with pumpkin with cumin puree -  DSC_3395

Parma Ham Spaghetti

Parma Ham Spaghetti - DSC_3461

Chicken Croquettes

Chicken Croquettes - DSC_3453

Chicken Croquettes - DSC_3468

Sirloin Steak with Mash potato

Sirloin Steak with Mash potato - DSC_3510

Sirloin steak and Mash potato - DSC_3525

Pork sirloins with baby potatoes

Pork sirloins with baby potatoes - DSC_3555

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie - DSC_3570

Natte Fresca

Natte Fresca - DSC_3592


Churros - DSC_3620

Lime Juice - DSC_3236

I been to this place so many times in the past 2 months... I just tot that I shouldn't be repeating myself too often on the different types of food. :P So i am just going to leave these pictures... if u really need to know how the food taste and if it is worth going... just look at the frequency of my visits :p

Outdoor sitting - DSC_3218Outdoor sitting - DSC_3215Outdoor sitting thru the window - DSC_3228

Till we meet again...


Camemberu said...

Their food looks great, man. I wish they did my beef rolls like yours - thin!

I love your shots of the chairs!!! How did you get that effect? Is it a filter?

MissyGlutton said...

Camemberu :) i actually used a special lens for it. It's lensbaby.