Friday, February 20, 2009

Ban Leong Wah Seafood Restaurant (17th Feb 2009)

When friends are in town... they would want to try some famous "Singapore" food. The main thing would be chilli crabs... or crabs of some sort. As my makan kakis are into crabs, so we try to get the better ones in town for my friends.

This was recommended after some rejected my recommendation of another place.

Name of the place - DSC_3794 copy

Prawn paste chicken

Prawn paste chicken - DSC_3809 copy

Baby squid

Baby squid - DSC_3819 copy

Butter prawn

Butter prawn - DSC_3830

Sambal Potato leaves

Sambal Potato leaves - DSC_3831

Herbal Frog leg soup

Herbal Frog leg soup - DSC_3836

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab - DSC_3864

Black pepper crabs

Black pepper crabs - DSC_3859

These are the dishes we had. I would not highly recommend this place to my friend. I have another place which I prefer to go to. Why? I didn't like the crabs. I didn't think the crabs were the best in town. But a meal is best only with good company. I think the company was what made this meal great.

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