Friday, February 20, 2009

Ah Chew Dessert (17th Feb 2009)

Glass Jelly with lychee

Glass Jelly with lychee - IMG_1922

Mango sago & pomelo

Mango sago & pomelo -IMG_1919

Water Chestnut with egg

Water Chestnut with egg - IMG_1917

This place has one of the longer history of serving Cantonese or Hong Kong dessert in Singapore. A Long Long time ago, I remembered going for steamboat and coming here for dessert afterwards... it started from a one man show to this about 10 other chinese nationalities staff. Maybe I am rather old fashioned and prefer the idea that my desserts are being prepared by a person who want to do a good job than a group of people doing it as a job. I realized that the standard had dropped quite a bit and oso no longer as good as before. I am looking for better dessert places now. :)

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