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7atenine (6th Feb 2009)

Cranberry juice DSC_2181

Another trip.... to a place I just been recently. What was the purpose of me doing so...

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Shrimp Ceviche

Shrimp Ceviche - DSC_2202 copy

It was a extremely light tasting dish. It's very simple and elegantly done. The shrimps were fresh, and there was a few little yellow jelly that went pretty well with the dressing.

Tomato salad

Tomato salad - DSC_2207

As a person who doesn't enjoy vegetable too much, I thought the cherry tomatoes were FANTASTIC. I like the pesto like sauce at the bottom of the tomato. Roll the tomato over it and pop it right into the mouth. :D

Ham salad

Ham salad - DSC_2211

Could it be alot of people are raving about this? I didn't think it was special. I just felt that it is okay done, nothing too unique. I guess this would be the "simple and filled with character" type of dish.

Gazpacho (Spainish cold tomato soup)

Gazpacho (Spainish cold tomato soup) - DSC_2369

Gazpacho (Spainish cold tomato soup) - DSC_2368

Gazpacho (Spainish cold tomato soup) - DSC_2231

I had a 2nd order of this :P~ i thought the soup was quite unique. It has a sweet and sour with a spicy hint to it. The tempura shiso, which I used to stir the soup a bit, was quite good soaked-thru piece of food.

Gazpacho (Spainish cold tomato soup) - DSC_2236

I quite like this soup :D I think I will order this, if I have the chance to do so.

Anchovies with mozzarella

Anchovies with mozarella - DSC_2251

I had a good impression of this dish when I frist had it. Though I mistaken the cheese as feta, I am grateful that someone actually told me that it was mozzarella instead of feta. : ) This time round, I still like it, though I do think that I prefer this dish with the pine nuts. I do like the little extra crunch to it.

Gratined Green Asparagus

Gratined Green Asparagus - DSC_2268

I didn’t have much impression of this dish, I think it need a bit more coating. Somehow, it’s a rather common dish which are readily available in a lot of restaurants or caf├ęs.

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto - DSC_2289 copy

There were actually 2 versions of this dish... why? cause we need more than one portion to be satisfied. The frist portion was fantastic and just with enough of cheese but cold, cause I left it too late to eat it. The 2nd portion is not cheesey enough. Well, at least I know it was a fresh batch. :D

Grilled salmon with Bernaise sauce and potatoes

Grilled salmon with Bernaise sauce and potatoes - DSC_2298

I like salmon, esp there is alot of fats to it. This was quite good and I heard from my dining partners that the potatoes were quite good as well, though I do not care too much for potatoes.

Pan fried Seabass with Celery puree

Pan fried Seabass with Celery puree - DSC_2314

Wooo I discovered i like Celery!! okie... I WILL rephrase that. I like celery PUREE! it didn't taste like celery anything. It was yummy. I like to mash the celery puree with the seabass, which was not too salty this time around. It was quite good.

Crusted Calamari (breadcrumb and squid ink crusted calamari with tamarind-tomato salsa)

Crusted Calamari - DSC_2319

Wooo calamari!!! I like! and it is rare to have this type of calamari. I think the squid ink was mixed into the breadcrumb mixture and deep fried. It was quite good. I didn't try it with the salsa, cause it was quite good on its own.

Parma Ham Spaghetti

Parma Ham Spaghetti - DSC_2336

okie nothing too much to it. It is just another carbo dish.

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef - DSC_2364

Wagyu Beef - DSC_2345 copy

As beef is not an important part of my diet anymore, I didn't try this. I didn't like the dark sauce that went along with it, made it look rather unappetizing. But I like the potato chips :p


Hamachi - DSC_2372

By this dish, I am already quite full. I didn't like it. I thought the combination was weirdly not nice. The hamachi was tasteless, I gave up after a small bite.

The other time when I came, I did not try the dessert. I wanted the churros, cause I did not have it for a loooooooooooooooong time.


Churros - DSC_2396

Churros - DSC_2393

it came with chocolate dip and was placed in a paper cone, but it wasn't that fantastic. I still like my churros DEEP FRIED hard and not limp bread like. Wasted my money on it.

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie - DSC_2403

It came with home made vanilla ice cream!! I like I like I LIKE!!! the brownie was not fantastic. I thought it tasted like fruit cake more than the usual brownie I had.

Natte Fresca

Natte Fresca - DSC_2415

haha I only ate the meringue. I didn't like this dessert too much.

Cafe Latte Trifle

Cafe Latte Trifle - DSC_2423

okie... I am not into coffee. so no comments on that :p

like i said in my previous post, I would come back here for another try. Indeed there is great potiental :) Glad I made the trip back with some great frens too :D

and i will be heading back there again to intro this place to some overseas frens. I hope they will enjoy it too :D

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