Monday, February 9, 2009

Greenhouse (1st Feb 2009)

Lost a bet with some frens... me and my greedy self, said the prize would be this buffet.... and how the mightly fell...

We started off with a glass of champagne, not to cheer for the winners, but to wallow in one's loss.

Moet & Chandon champagne (free flowing...)
Moet & Chandon champagne - IMG_1812

Some of these...
Lobsters - IMG_1760

A few slices of these...
foie gras  - IMG_1767

Excuse me.. while i get some of these yummies...
frenshly shucked oysters - IMG_1773

and made up this winner's plate (not mine).
My fren's take... - IMG_1777

A few rounds of these and those brought us to the dessert...
dessert - IMG_1780 copy

And the CHEESE!
French farmhouse cheeses - IMG_1769 copy

and more desserts... ICE CREAM!!
dessert - IMG_1794 copy

All done with a great smile from the staff.
dessert - IMG_1795

This used to be my favorite buffet in town. Sadly due to the crisis (my beliefs), there were less people who came for this. How do i come to this conclusion? Because of the lack of sudden outbust of "Happy Birthday" songs from different tables... there was only a table that had sung that song. I wanted to get my table to sing it, but it's a pity none of us were celebrating our bday. Though one of us did remember it was "Ren" day, which actually meant all humans were created on that day, so it would be okay if we had done the birthday song. We were too stuffed by then to even attempt something like that.

I also realized that decreased number of people coming would mean some of stuffs were also missing from the selection. Could be time to be looking for a new buffet place. Any suggestions?


adeL said...

I love the process of your eating adventure being depicted in the buffet spread.
Btw, are those foie gras slices on the pan in one of ur pics? No kidding..
Mind to enlighten me what are the charges per head?
The desserts and seafood are of great quality I see!

MissyGlutton said...

thank you Adel :)
yeah those are foie gras slices. :D
I paid about 170 per pax.
Yes they are of great quality indeed. One of the better buffets in Singapore so far.