Friday, January 30, 2009

7atenine (29th Jan 2009)

Had a chat with a familiar face from Saint Pierre Group. I am sure like almost anyone who loves food, would know that this eatery is part of Emmanuel Stroobant's work.

Coaster - DSC_1930

He had designed the menu, so that would definitely raised my expectation of the food here. However, I was informed all the food we will be served for the "lunch unlimited" were creations of the resident chef, Florent. As I wasn't able to catch all the names of the dishes I were served... I will try my best.

Parma Ham with melon

Parma Ham with melon - DSC_1958

A simple dish, that would done right by the right supplier. So no marks for having a good regular supplier. However, I like the fact that the melons are shavings and not a cube.

Beef on stone
Beef on stone - DSC_1972

We were informed that the stone was hot... and it was supposed to cook the raw beef and herbs wrap. I am quite impressed with the use of the stone, and of course using the herbs in it does make his dish different.

Ham Salad

Ham Salad - DSC_1983

okie... for me... this is a NEXT! dish. Nothing special... nothing unique, just another dish.

Archovies Something...

Archovies Something... - DSC_1997

okay... this dish is definitely not "Archovies Something..." but I loooooove these little fishes... and along with the cheese, I think it is Feta cheese, and a few pine nuts... it was yummy. :D

Pan fried fish

Pan fried fish - DSC_2014

How does one define a fresh fish? For me, it's lack of fishy taste. But to some, it might be the sea taste a fish might have. It would work very well for those who like the sea taste, as the salt WERE poured, not sprinkled. The flesh underneath the salty skin were rather bland. So it was a mistake to put the skin aside, due to the frist salty taste.

Seared Tuna

Seared Tuna - DSC_2047

The Tuna was a far cry from those found in Japanese restaurant. The Tuna were too cooked, and it became rather tough. And the eggplant side was too salty for my liking. This dish was banished to the cold palace after the initial taste test.

Grilled beef
Grilled beef - DSC_2065

What's good about this dish... the potato chip, the mash and the grilled beef? Well, I like the potato chip and the mash, the beef slices were okay. I do not like beef too much, but then this happened to be the best dish according to my dining partners. I beg differ. I still prefer my little fishes... :D

Today I was made super picky, because of the noises by the lion dancings done. I actually left without getting any dessert... and yeah.. I went for more food not much later...

Source of annoyance - DSC_2075

I do not like noise, I tend to be VERY picky when I am in noisey places. Some of things which I really do not like are the uniforms wore by the is jumpers and loose fitting clothings, instead of making it casual, I think it was sloppy.

.... DSC_1941

As the place is quite new, the menu was not done properly. It is not difficult to get the menu done, considering they have so many other "sister and brother" restaurants. The menu was badly done and obviously a rush job, which is forgiveable... till my next trip, which I will watch out for.

A chef should have his or her own style, but also open to suggestions. To change one's style of cooking to suit any one who walked in and gives their own opinions of food, would definitely not be the way to go. However, a person would only grow so much, without inputs from others. Chef Florent is a man who is definitely passionate about his food, and a person who need to listen without being defensive. In an Asian country like Singapore, we focus on healthy eating. Yeah, soya is important, as salt would be for him. But we do not pour half a bottle of it over the food we eat.

In closing, I definitely would give this place another try. Hopefully I have a less distracted atmosphere to enjoy or not the food he had prepared.


thesingaporepost said...

hey nice post! visit and ex links?

ratatouille said...

nice review. the cheese with anchovies was mozzarella.

adeL said...

I am glad to stumble upon your food blog..
A fine one indeed..
Gosh, wish I could be back in S'pore sooner to savour all these food being posted ..
Keep in up and GONG XI FA CAI!!

MissyGlutton said...

thesingaporepost Thank you. sorry i didn't exactly get you about the "visit and ex links" comment.

ratatouille : thank you. Oh :) it's mozzarella :D Silly me. I always felt those with lots of oil would be feta. :)

adel Thank you :) Happy new year to you!

ladyironchef said...

i just went 7atenine last sun. love the place and concept of the restaurant. but when i went, there's just 3-4 tables for lunch, which was quite sad. haha

MissyGlutton said...

ladyironchef... I am going again soon... maybe can give a better opinion on it. BUt i still think the uniforms are too casual...