Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tong Ah Eating House (14th Jan 2009)

When I frist went to this place, I was attracted by their milk tea. But as time goes by, I started going for their zi char stuffs as well.

I ordered a salted fish fried rice. and here are some pictures of it :)

Salted fish fried rice -IMG_1649 copy

Sliced chilli with soya - IMG_1641 copy

Salted fish fried rice - IMG_1652

This is one of the BEST salted fish fried rice I ever had....They had given bigger pieces of salted fish than most of the stores out there... I wonder if it was a freak incident cause I was hungry? ... definitely worth going back to try it again! Maybe tomorrow :P


~.~ mypictography said...

ahhh! my most frequent coffeeshop during wkends :-)

MissyGlutton said...

yeah... this is one of my favorite as well... :) but i prefer to go there during the weekdays... i think there are less ppl.