Saturday, January 17, 2009

Senso Bistro @ Singapore Flyer (15th Jan 2009)

Our pride and joy went down... So in order to get diners down there, there were alot of offers going on.

Singapore Flyer - DSC_1283 copy

Taking advantage of the 50% off the menu, went down to Singapore Flyer to try this place out.

Name of the place - DSC_1282 copy

Pamesan cheese and Chilli flakes - DSC_1309 copy

4 Formaggi Pizza

4 Formaggi Pizza - DSC_1329

pizza with Mozzarella, Taleggio Cheese, Smoked Scamorza and Gorgonzola

Due to the fact that I valued my vegetarian friend's company, I chose to have a vegetarian pizza as a starter. I was quite apprehensive about the food I might get from this place, but the pizza was really good! Thin crust accompanied by 4 cheeses, indeed quite good. Totally dashed my fear of getting bad food from here...

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto - DSC_1340

Carnaroli risotto served with porcini mushrooms ragout and fresh thymeThe Risotto had slightly too much water... the grains are too hard. There wasn't much mushrooms ... I think there is less than 3 whole mushrooms in it. I wish they had not taken away the parmesan cheese flakes, so i can dump the whole thing in it to make it MUCH MUCH better. We did not even finish half the portion. I think it's even worse than the package thing I got from the NTUC supermarket, which i tried cooking at home.

Grilled salmon in lemon butter sauce

Grilled salmon in lemon butter sauce - DSC_1346

I like fish and i always like salmon quite a bit. They took off the skin of the salmon, which is my favorite part of the fish, after the omega 3! This is a super lean fish, i suspected it went to gym too often. The fact that they had poured a whole sack of invisible salt and spread too much pepper on it had made this gym-going salmon rather hopelessly not to my liking. I was hoping the mash would help, but it did not. I guess the sack of invisible salt was for the mash. I had already not like this dish.

Pepper - DSC_1361

Time for dessert!!! Maybe they will do better.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee - DSC_1379

Oven baked egg custard with caramellized sugar

I ever read on someone else's blog that their creme brulee's caramellized sugar top wasn't burnt properly, and I agree. The sugar top was too much, and wasn't burnt enough. We ended up with super sweet dessert. However, the egg custard was too soggy, and wasn't hard enough for my liking. And with the dish so shallow, it wasn't a good experience for me. I prefer a min of at least 5 cms of custard topped by a good burnt caramellized sugar top.


Pannacotta - DSC_1393

Double Cream flan served with raspberry coulisI like my dessert sweet than sour. Alot of people might like sourish dessert and I am sure they would like this raspberry coulis. But the double cream flan is slightly too hard for my liking. So only had a few spoons of this....

Pecan Torte

Pecan Torte - DSC_1367

This was a last min decision by my fren. It does seemed a bit too filling, esp after all the food we had. I like this pecan torte, maybe because I like pecan. It wasn't too sweet, but definitely qualified to be a good dessert still.

Singapore Flyer - DSC_1280

I desperately think that the Singapore Flyer so need to work again... why? it might just be the next best thing there.... (losing the best spot to the fish spa place there ...)

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