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(年年有餘)Abundance menu for Flickr Food bloggers (07 Jan 2009)

Once again, Flickr Singapore and Yan Ting of St Regis had organized a Food Blogger outing for flickr users who also blog about food... hahaha and if you do read my previous posts, that's one of the reasons why I started this blog.

The Table setting :)

setting - DSC_0570

The 7 years old Pu-Er tea
:) I am not a big fan of chinese tea.... mainly because my family esp my dad loves Chinese tea. BUT this Pu er tea is light and because it's also freshly brewed so it doesn't have the bitter taste of being left too long.

setting - DSC_0569

豐味芋頭糕 & 富贵萝卜糕
It's the fried taro cake and the fried radish cake. I actually like both of them, maybe it's because I am a big fan of baby food, I never did like my food too hard. We were given two small tasting pieces and oso with a bit of hot bean sauce. *yummy*

豐味芋頭糕 & 富贵萝卜糕 - DSC_0590 copy

豐味芋頭糕 & 富贵萝卜糕 - DSC_0611

Chef's chan special recipe XO sauce
As I grew older, I start to dislike spiciness. If it doesn't help in the dish, I think less of it would help. Esp with this XO sauce. I only took a bit of it, but I didn't like the very spicy taste. I couldn't enjoy all the ingredients in it, cause I was busy putting out the fire in my mouth.

Chef's chan special recipe XO sauce - DSC_0607

Prosperity Yu Sheng with Salmon.
I am not a big fan of yu sheng, just because I am not a big fan of vegetables in any forms. I would only have that, just for the fun of tossing and trying to outsay everyone else the blessings for the new year!! :P and of course the little cracker bits and .... the salmon!!! ( I should stop using so much !!!, cause someone actually said I used too much of it.) Anyway, this was said to be lighter in taste, compared to the usual ones out there. We were told that it was a fruit mixture. I don't actually remember the fruits that were in it. But it's LIGHT, and you will have to take my words for it.

吉慶滿門 - DSC_0616 copy

I do think the salmon used in this dish could be slightly better and the portions be bigger. Or whoever ordered, might need to get extra portions of salmon.

吉慶滿門 - DSC_0625 copy

Woooo another favorite part of the yu sheng... the fried crackers!! :P toss more TOSS MORE!!! and these are supposed to represent gold. :)

吉慶滿門 - DSC_0672

Then we have the tossing and oso the saying of blessings for the new year! :) The best part of this dish is this!

吉慶滿門 - DSC_0689

川流不息 (三宝炖鲍翅)
Double-boiled shark's fin with three treasures (shiitake mushroom, bamboo pith, and dried scallop).
I like shark! I like shark's fin! I don't think it's wrong to have shark's fin. I will not purposely ordered it, but I would not reject it when it's placed in front of me. And when this is placed in front of me, I couldn't help but want to taste the soup frist (that's after all the molests from my camera). I always know that shark's fin has no taste to it. I think the soup made my day, I always like soup, and not the ingredients in it. I know there are 3 treasures... but i did not have much of any impressions of them. But the soup is something to die for. *slurpS*

川流不息 (三宝炖鲍翅) -  (DSC_0778

川流不息 (三宝炖鲍翅) -  (DSC_0771

褔满人间 (发財金嚎配黃焖豆根鲍片)
Prosperity oyster with braised sliced abalone.
I love almost every items in this dish, from the 发菜 black hairlike moss (which is too little :P), the spinach, the abalone slice and most most most of all the semi dried oyster. This is the dish I would definitely come back for.

褔满人间 (发財金嚎配黃焖豆根鲍片) - DSC_0800 copy

富如東海 (淸蒸東星班配鮮虾腊味糯米飯)
Wok-fried glutinous rice with wind-dried sausages, and steamed coral trout "tong sing" grouper
I like steamed fish, mainly because it would give me the best idea if the fish is fresh or slightly under the weather. I find this piece of fish slightly tougher than what I usually like for a fish.
BUT I love the glutinous rice that come with it and the different types of sausages, the usual lean chinese sausages and the liver (blood) sausages... they are both soooo delicious. I do not usually finish my rice, fortunately I was given a smaller portion and I was able to enjoy it totally.


富如東海 (淸蒸東星班配鮮虾腊味糯米飯) - DSC_0845

By the end of this dish... I was ready to surrender :P the food were quite good and generous in their portions as well.

富如東海 (淸蒸東星班配鮮虾腊味糯米飯) - DSC_0839 copy

年年纳褔 (脆皮年糕配百年鸿運)
Traditional Azuki Bean Paste with Crispy Glutinous Rice Cake
I do not like red bean... I do not care for citrus peel, even though it's as old as I am. NO no no!
But I do have to try it, and it was quite good. Maybe if they do not put in the citrus peel, I might enjoy it better.

年年纳褔 (脆皮年糕配百年鸿運) - DSC_0872

The snacks that came along with this bean paste were good. They are the deep fried sesame seed ball (金银满屋笑口枣), the deep fried dumpling filled with peanuts and sesame seeds (心想事成角仔), Crispy Glutinous rice cake and Crystal water chestnut cake. I thought the rice cake dipped in "what tasted to me similar to goreng pisang batter " tasted fantastic. It's not sticky sweet, just soft inside and crispy outside *yummy*, well the cripsy water chestnut cake tasted good too. I like the deep fried sesame seed ball (金银满屋笑口枣), hehe maybe it's the cantonese name "smiling mouth joe" but it was nice. :)

年年纳褔 (脆皮年糕配百年鸿運) -  DSC_0894

Nine Fish Year Cake
The Manager of Yan Ting, Danny, brought this out just to tempt us .... It has been a few days since we went to the event and I am still thinking about this year cake. I am so tempted to go down to Yan Ting one of these days to stock up on my new year goodies, after tasting some of them during this meal.

九鱼献瑞年糕 - DSC_0736

I am very biased, esp if I have great services. :) I think the food in Yan Ting is quite good and their services are even better. A great place to go to, similar to the great meal I had.

End of a good meal... :) - DSC_0908

Many thanks for the team at St Regis Singapore, their PR company and Flickr Singapore for giving me this great opporunity to try the fantastic food.


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