Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Double Bay Restaurant (6th Jan 2009)

I love fish and chips... and I am glad that there is a place that would served Australian fish and chips...


Exterior and the Interior are very much australian feel. I like the place quite a bit, the design, the interior and exterior of the place.

Exterior - IMG_1563

The menu...
It looked fantastic black and white... I like it quite a bit, the feel of it, the design of it, the use of the B&W.

The menu - DSC_0466

Seafood Basket
Seafood Basket with tempura of fish fillet, calamari, prawn tails and chips.

Seafood Basket - DSC_0485 copy

Peanut chilli sauce
they actually use this sauce for the seafood basket... It's quite unique... but I would prefer tartar sauce with my fried seafood stuff...

Peanut chilli sauce - DSC_0495 copy

Seafood Basket
I love seafood quite a bit... but I am not a fan of chips.
I didn't actually enjoy this too much... the seafood part was slightly smaller than expected, but it should be enough for a person and not definitely not a sharing portion.

Seafood Basket - DSC_0480 copy

Fish and chips
Barred Cod (Grouper) fillet

okie.... I really like fish and chips... esp the deep fried fish fillet part... I am really surprised at the varieties of fishes offered... and they claimed it to be "live" fish... I love fish, esp the steamed fish. And I appreciate... the tiny flesh behind the eyes.... the eyes... and the tummy. The tummy will tell me how good or fresh the fish is.

It is quite hard to make a bad deep fried fish fillet... I think expectations are hard to meet... very hard indeed.... :P

Fish and chips - DSC_0515

Fish and chips
I don't like the the bad oil taste... and oso the fish which was supposed to be "live" seemed to be frozen fish... and has the "fridge" taste. To have live... and frozen taste to it... I think the fish must be swimming in some cold water!! :p

Oh! and being a Singaporean, doesn't mean I like my fish and chips to be served with chilli sauce. I still want tonnes of tartar sauce, vinegar and salt. Of course, I left most of the chips alone... Cause I don't like potato that much.

Fish and chips - DSC_0520

love the name on the shirt, and good advertisement for the place as well.... :p

love the name on the shirt - DSC_0530

I went there, when I find out about this new place. I didn't like it as much. I felt the food wasn't as good as I was hoping it to be. As for the service? got meh? was ignored when we walked in... had so much problems trying to get attention for anything. I think they might have been complained too much about their frequent asking of welfare of the clients.

The shirt picture really shows .... even if it would be the same shirt with the same logo, a person would carry off it better. Might it be an australian theme restaurant serving australian food... i would rather save up to go Australia to have my fish and chips.


~.~ mypictography said...

i had a good experience though. The place was nice, service was good, asked if everything was alright, if the food was to our liking, refilled our ice water before it ran out...

The food was good too (i didn't order fish & chips though) except everything was slightly on the salty side which the waiter said will reflect to the chef for improvement.

My guess is you were one of their first few customers when they first started business. And they have time to make adjustment and improvement when i went 2 to 3 wks after they open :-p

MissyGlutton said...

~.~ mypictography : that's what alot of ppl told me. but I didn't get that type of services :( must be my horrible looks :p

They did not ask us how the food was.

hahaha nay I was there, say about 1ish? and I went later than 2 or 3 weeks after they opened... cause according to an article, they opened 2 weeks before 3rd of jan :P

So I actually went there after their 2nd week :P

I will definitely give them another chance... cause how bad can "live" fish be.

Anonymous said...

I was there too, and had fish and chips (tried both the Cobia & Austrialian Baramundi (Seabass)).

Verdict: Not as good as what i would expect from Live Fish... fish practically had no fish taste. Seabass is slightly better than Cobia, and cheaper.

IMO, the other fish & chip places serves better food.

MissyGlutton said...

Mr or Ms or Mrs or Mdm Anonymous;
Do tell me where I can get better fish and chips :P~~ I am always up for more surprises!

Anonymous said...

the chilean sea bass (pan-fried) or beer batter was definitely excellent. in fact, it's so moist and rich that i'm not too sure whether you guys/gals had the same fish as i had. p.s/ i just went there this week. :)