Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (1st Jan 2009)

The shop

The shop - DSC_0178

the order taker
This lady is a super and slow lady... why? cause other than taking orders, she is busy preparing the ingredients for the cooks. So the order taking can be about 30 mins from the moment you join the queue. Not to be put off with this waiting time... cause most likely you have to wait that long for a table to be emptied... esp during their peak hours.

the order taker - DSC_0182

the soup pot
This is the soup that goes into their fish head steamboat.... I can see alot of chicken feet floating on the surface of the pot... do not be put off by it! cause the soup is extremely delicious!!! (I like it) The soup are slowly boiled with charcoal... I wish i had that sort of patience to do it that way at home.

the soup pot - DSC_0215

Red Groupa fish head steamboat
The yummmy fish head steamboat....

Red Groupa fish head steamboat - DSC_0213

Look they even put charcoal into each steamboat, so the soup can be keep at the same temperture it left the kitchen... *yummy* Personally I am not much of a soup ingredient person... IF given the choice, I will just drink the soup and left the rest aside.

Red Groupa fish head steamboat - DSC_0222
Shrimp paste Chicken wings
This is one of the better shrimp paste chicken wings I ever had... though we had one which is undercooked, but on the whole, this dish is well worth the price we paid.

Shrimp paste Chicken wings - DSC_0233 copy

Tofu with Prawn
it's a no no for me... I do not know how to explain why i do not like this dish... though I do like prawns and Japanese tofu... but this wasn't prepared to my liking...
Tofu with Prawn - DSC_0248 copy

Sweet and Sour pork ribs
This is one of the better pork ribs i ever had... I just labelled this as pork ribs, but it's more like they had used the pork chop type of meat... and the meat is tenderly firm. I think I had polished almost half of this dish by myself.

Sweet and Sour pork ribs - DSC_0258 copy

my bowl of rice
I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove rice.... And with my rice soaked with the soup from my fishhead steamboat...... I am happy.

my bowl of rice - DSC_0229 copy

Our bill?
One thing that really amaze the hell out of me is our bill.... Can anyone actually read this handwriting... and i tot my doc has bad handwriting... this is worse than drawing a tailsman... trust me I seen plenty of ppl doing a tailsman... and this is definitely a higher level than that.

Our bill? - DSC_0277

a few of their customers.... @ the back alley...

a few of their customers.... @ the back alley... - DSC_0265

I love a good steamboat in all styles.... this is definitely a place I had enjoyed with my family. It might be noisey, crowded and having long Q, but the charms of eating besides a drain, trying to get a table, lining up for our orders, getting a extremely artistic bill are just beyond my powers to resist. Definitely a place i will come back... Wait for me, my beloved fishhead steamboat... I will come for you sooon!!!


ladyironchef said...

you went during the day yeah? that time i went during the night, then all my photos came out so horrible. hahahaha. this is my mom's fav place for fishhead steamboat

MissyGlutton said...

went during the early evening... :) the lighting ain't good at night @ most places... that's why i rarely take dinner shots.

haha it's my family's fav place for the fishhead steamboat too. but only the fishhead steamboat.