Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kim Dae Mun (7th Jan 2008)

Kim Dae Mun is well known secret to anyone who loved Korean food. I do love Korean food and usually it's because I had too much Korean series drama!!! :P

And these are my favorite food there....

Spicy Kim chi soup

Spicy Kim chi soup - DSC_0532

Spicy Kim chi soup n Multi grains rice
And on that day... I had the multi grains rice... but from this experience, I think plain rice would be better with my spicy kim chi soup.

Spicy Kim chi soup n Multi grains rice - DSC_0551 copy

Ramen with the Kimchi side.
They do not offer much sides with their food... it's not like you are paying alot of money for your food, unlike most of the korean restaurants. They have 3 choices... mainly the normal napa cabbage kim chi, the anchovies, and the cucumber kimchi. I would usually get the anchovies.. cause the rest ain't that fabulous. :p

Ramen - DSC_0535


Ramen - DSC_0539

Potato Pancake
I would either get this potato pancake which goes really well with the vinegar sauce. Soak the pancake with lot of the sauce... *yummy*

Potato Pancake - DSC_0557
I like korean food, but then it had to be prepared in the way i like it. Sometimes I wonder if the food that I been getting are the authentic ones..., even if the owner or cook is a Korean....


Camemberu said...

You should have recommended this place to the St Regis marcom manager, the Korean chap!

The ramen looks very enticing!!! I'm a sucker for instant noodles!

MissyGlutton said...

Cameberu hahaha there are plenty of people who are giving him suggestions... :)

I just went to St Regis to get some of their stuffs... Sometimes... I hate it when I recommend places to people, and their services turned out to be alot less desirable than what we had.