Sunday, January 11, 2009

Peaberry & Pretzel (10th Jan 2009)

A simple place...
I like simple places.. esp when I can relax and just don't think too much.
I esp like the seat facing the desserts... *bliss*


Passionfruit italian soda

it was a hot day... I desperately need some sugar to boost my sugar level... and tot this hit the spot quite fast and well! :p

Passionfruit italian soda - DSC_1135

Bread and butter

okie.... I like bread, warm bread... I like butter... but i absolutely hate cream like stuffs...
take that away already and give me some BUTTER!!!!

Bread and butter - DSC_1133 copy

Cream of Champignon (mushroom soup)

I think this soup is quite good. I like having alot of bits and pieces of fibres in my mushroom soup. And with it served hot... and slightly cooler after I finished shooting. Just nice.

Cream of Champignon (mushroom soup) - DSC_1140 copy

Cream of Champignon (mushroom soup) - DSC_1164

Mushroom cream sauce pasta

Mushroom cream sauce pasta - DSC_1151

I like mushrooms, usually I will have that when I am having vegetarian food. Maybe the weather was too hot, I wasn't able to enjoy this pasta dish that day. So i decided to doggie bag the pasta home.

Mushroom cream sauce pasta - DSC_1162

Strawberry cheesecake
I didn't like it, cause the strawberry sauce was not sweet enough to give the rest of the cheesecake any taste.

Strawberry cheesecake - DSC_1192

I do not think that I had given this restaurant a good opporunity to show off their products. Maybe I should head there another day to retry some of their products.

The doggie bag - DSC_1199 copy

After going home, I took the mushroom pasta out and had it for dinner. I thought it was reasonable. Not the best, I would say it's the normal food court express pasta thingie.

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