Thursday, December 4, 2008

Annalakshmi (3rd Dec 2008)

Went to this really nice place.... I think that people who don't work or cook, just for money, would make one of the best food in the world.... cause they give without expecting anything in return, at least that's how i felt at that time. :)

Potato Bonda

Potato Bonda - DSC_7629

Ootthappam with mushroom toppings

Ootthappam with mushroom toppings - DSC_7643

South Thali

South Thali - DSC_7641

North Thali set

North Thali set - DSC_7614

papadum and Chipati


The doorway to GREAT food

The doorway to GREAT food - DSC_7579

I recently spoke to a fren... who told me that the food ain't that great and there are less charitable purpose to this organization. To me, alot of places have such "warpped" system.. but most important of all, i believed the service staff there generously served us gracefully. Give it a try :)

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