Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bukang Tuna (28th Dec 2008)

This is one of my favorite korean food place.
Here are some of the food I was offered...

Pork porridge (돼지 죽 )

it's a small portion... I should had asked for more... surprisingly this was better than their bigger portion of abalone porridge.

Pork porridge (돼지 죽 ) - DSC_9983 copy

Broccoli with chilli sauce
I don't like this :p Actually I just don't like chilli sauce anymore. It's quite surprising... cause I am a Singaporean... and I grew up on Chilli sauce... :P

Broccoli with chilli sauce - DSC_9991 copy

Raw Octopus kimchi (해산물 김치)
wooooo this is one of my favorite!!! other than the raw crabs version... *yummy*

Raw Octopus kimchi (해산물 김치) - IMG_1459

Luncheon meat aka spam
no one can screw up spam... other than China...
gosh!!! they screwed up my favorite FAVORITE FAVORITE food...

Luncheon meat aka spam - DSC_0015

Kimchi (김치)
it's an okay version.

Kimchi (김치) - DSC_0013 copy

Spicy Cod Fish soup
I sooooooooooo like... but I prefer more soup with less stuffs in it... :p

Spicy Cod Fish soup - DSC_0024

Just a Bowl of rice...
PERFECT with the spicy cod fish soup!!!

Rice - DSC_0025 copy

Spicy Cod Fish soup

Spicy Cod Fish soup - DSC_0020 copy

A sweet ending to my perfect meal...

Sujunggwa  - DSC_0028

When one person is alone... I think we should eat a good and comforting meal.
And this is a nice place... but you will have to put up with the "chinese" service... :p

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