Thursday, December 4, 2008

Italian Gourmet (2nd Dec 2008)

Saw this on the way home one day... decided to give it a try...
Gourmet it was not... :P

Garlic Bread
I liked the garlic bread... Flavourful :)

Garlic Bread - DSC_7504

Garlic Bread - DSC_7508

Cream of chicken

this was like water with chicken powder... and chicken bits... the size of bread crumbs...
Cream of chicken - DSC_7503

Squid Ink Risotto
this has a rather "been in the fridge too long" taste... I was wondering if it's the cheese or the squid that were causing the effects... Sometimes... I am quite easy going... except when the food has this taste... I rather not eat it.... though I finished the whole plate, trying to figure which was the one causing the taste I hate so much. I seriously hope that did not give the owner the impression that I actually like the dish.

Squid Ink Risotto - DSC_7516

Squid Ink Risotto - DSC_7520

Formaggi pizza
this pizza needed more work! the cheeses were pathetic little... i think MORE cheese might save it.

Formaggi pizza - DSC_7529

Formaggi pizza - DSC_7540

The Stall.... just right smack in the neighbourhood....

The Stall.... - DSC_7542

I think I would not give this another try.... unless I am looking for cheaper italian food and I don't mind the less than good taste.

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