Monday, December 15, 2008

Lim Joo Hin Eating house (13th Dec 2008)

Because i didn't managed to get my teochew porridge fix...being my fabulous fantastically GREAT sister, she suggested to go to my favorite teochew porridge place :)

it's great to have such a sister : D

Frist of all ... the choices...
Various selections of dishes... - DSC_8961

Various selections of dishes... - DSC_8955

Various selections of dishes... - DSC_8956

Various selections of dishes... - DSC_8959

Our selection...

sauces... and my porridge

sauces... and my porridge - DSC_8968

Steamed fish cake
Steamed fish cake - DSC_8973

Szechuan vegetable
Szechuan vegetable - DSC_8970

Preserved radish Omelette
Preserved radish Omelette - DSC_8972

Braised duck
Braised duck - IMG_1340

I like Teochew porridge, not because it's a simple meal... I like it, because of the number of choices we can have to accompany the porridge. This might not be the most authentic one, but it's definitely a familiar joint I frequented with my friends.

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