Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Casa Verde (28th Dec 2008)

Decided to meet up with some friends to do some shooting at the Botanic gardens...
of course, food had to be the final destination of this whole thing... if not part of it. So we slowly shoot and walked towards Casa Verde.

Sugar n my number - DSC_9914

I could not pronounce the set i actually ordered... and of course i didn't know that what I had ordered was an omelette. I totally blamed my stupid brains for not knowing the difference between a Frittata and a fajita (which is a mexican food meat served on flour or corn tortilla.) Okie.. i didn't know what i was thinking... :P maybe it's just too early in the morning... or i am just plain "gong" aka stupid.

Colazione Della Mamma - DSC_9927 copy

Anyway ... my Frittata came... gosh, if I had known that I am getting an italian omelette, i would had ordered something else!!!! I really wanted to have some hard chips/cracker at that moment.... :(

so back to the food... it was NOT nice! it was overcooked... and I did a search on Wikipedia... and there was no cheese in there!!!! I want cheese!! maybe it would made it slightly better. :(

Colazione Della Mamma - DSC_9925

Maybe i should come back later for lunch or dinner. I like the garden feel to this place... and though there were alot of people there, I felt rather comfy cause it was an open concept and of course, with the several dogs there... absolutely add to the charm of this place.



Camemberu said...

Aiyo, the dog so cute lah! Is it a Corgi???

MissyGlutton said...

yeah!!! CUTE hor!!! :)
it's a Corgi indeed!