Monday, December 15, 2008

Ju Shin Jung 주 신 정 @ West Coast (8th Dec 2008)

One of the premier Korean Restaurant in Singapore..... It wasn't that popular when they frist started... but it began to gain fame....

Name of the place - DSC_8503

Some of the side dishes they are offering :D and my favorites too :D
Myulchi Bokkeum 멸치볶음
Myulchi Bokkeum  멸치볶음 - DSC_8499

Korean Pancake
Korean Pancake - DSC_8502

Kim chi 김치
Kim chi 김치 -DSC_8545

Miyeok Naeng-guk 미역냉국 (Cold Seaweed soup)
Miyeok Naeng-guk 미역냉국 - DSC_8529

삼겹살 (SAMGYUB) - DSC_8561

OX tongue *yummmy* I marveled at the lady who bbq'ed these for us... she was fast and good... so all our meat were done nicely and not burnt at all :)
우설 (WOOSUL) - DSC_8538

우설 (WOOSUL) - DSC_8553

 갈비살 (GALBISAL) - DSC_8511

해물파전 (Pajun)
This is a must have whenever i go to any Korean restaurant :D loooooooove this type of pancake... esp with the seafood in it... though I don't really like the slice of pepper they used.
해물파전 (Pajun) - DSC_8531

I didn't try this... because I don't like the color of this dish... just some beef and glass noodles... :p
소고기잡채(JAPCHAE) - DSC_8524

They always cut their watermelon into heart shapes... :P
Watermelon - DSC_8575

su jung gwa 수정과
woo this is my favorite!!! :D I can easily drink at least 4 - 5 bowls of this... :P
su jung gwa  수정과 - DSC_8571

If u are willing to pay.. this is a good place to go for korean food. It is slightly more expensive and they do have lunch buffets except on mondays... :P I love the many types of different side dishes they give and if u REALLY need some veggies... they have one looooooooooooooong tray of different raw vegetables to wrap your bbq meat with. :) They used to have only Korean service staffs, but with increased business, they had employed many other nationalities. It is good and bad ... like a basket of eggs, there would be good and bad ones. Give it a try one day :)

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