Monday, December 15, 2008

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House 林成利鴨飯餐室 (15th Dec 2008)

I might be getting old... Because recently most of the food I am craving for are either simple local food... or soft food. Or it could be the influences of blogs I visit. Either way... on 15th Dec 2008, I ended up at this place, instead of the korean place i want to go to... I think it's someone up there playing a prank, just so i don't get the food i really want!!! So I am not getting old!!! *yippie*

Better get back to the food... age is not something i like to go into...

This uncle had always been there... chopping and slicing away the times when I am there for his famous duck rice...

The uncle - DSC_9095

Duck Innards

What is duck rice meal without a bit of spare parts ? *yummy* though i am not a big fan of chinese styled foie gras... :P

Duck innards - DSC_9077


okie... i am definitely not the person who ordered it... but the person actually can finished the whole thing by herself *pei fu*pei fu*

Beancurd - DSC_9096

Stirred fried Kang Kong with shrimp paste

what is a meal without a bit of veggie... :P

Beancurd n Stirred fried Kang kong with shrimp paste - DSC_9103

Braised boneless duck

And most important of all... THE DUCK!

Braised boneless duck - DSC_9089

Braised boneless duck - DSC_9085

And a nice bowl of porridge to bring it all together...

A bowl of porridge - DSC_9090

After going thru the photos, and choosing them, putting them up on the blog, recalling the taste ... I realized, not am I getting old... I am also getting rather picky. This place was once a favorite haunt, now i realized it wasn't as good as I had remembered. Maybe I am no longer a person who would follow the crowd and have my own opinons... or maybe i am just plain getting old and cranky....

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