Monday, December 15, 2008

Fish Mart SAKURAYA (15th Dec 2008)

Crab flavoured Croquette

I had the Kani Creamy Croquette, which was still hot, despite travelling longer distance than usual. I enjoyed it. :)

Kani Creamy Croquette - DSC_9121

Kani Creamy Croquette - DSC_9127

Uni Handroll

The Uni was pathetically little. I should have just get sashimi uni, instead of the uni handroll. The Uni is fresh, though I wish they had put a bit more into it.

Uni Handroll - DSC_9114

Uni Handroll - DSC_9119

I had an extremely horrible experience with the service here. The service staff kept bring my order to the table besides me.Hey I am not stupid okay! I saw the dish moving from his table to the waiter station before coming to my table.

As for the grill saba... they had served it to the table besides me. And when i asked them if they ready to serve it yet. When they went err ahh, I know immediately the fish I was eye'ing at the other table WAS MINE! I told the person I would like to cancel it in english but softly, cause I didn't want the person to feel bad about eating MY order. Off she went... then I got another female service staff telling them that I would like to cancel my grilled saba. Thinking that I will be getting my bill soon... and seeing the person finishing my fish... did put my blood to boil! 10 mins later... another female service staff came with an order of grilled saba... by then I was already angry, I looked at her and spoke sharply in Chinese about how i know my fish was served to the person besides me and that I had cancelled the order. I told her, even if she put the fish down, I will not pay for it. Annoying!!

The food ain't that bad... but can be better. I don't think I will not come here that often... esp if this is the type of service I would get. No matter how fresh they are.... the service is still important.

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