Thursday, December 4, 2008

Teochew kueh 潮式粿品 - (2nd Dec 2008)

Sister got these from someone... didn't tell me where... must find out... one of the kueh was great!! These were HOMEMADE! and they would only sell IF someone ordered alot and they do extras.

The three types which my sister managed to get... :D

Teochew Kuehs - DSC_7551

饭桃 (Png Kueh)

This was surprisingly good... I love the way they had prepared this dish... it's white and not pink like the normal Png Kueh...

饭桃 (Png Kueh) - DSC_7557

韭菜粿 (Chinese Chives Kueh)

I usually loooove this kueh... but unforunately they were not as good as the ones I would usually get.

韭菜粿 (Chinese Chives Kueh) - DSC_7562

笋粿 (Soon Kueh)

I also like this. Cause usually they would put alot of turnips and very little shrimps... But I am glad that this was done with enough turnips and most important of all... enough little shrimps :D *yummy*

笋粿 (Soon Kueh) - DSC_7554

Given a chance, I might order more... :)

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