Monday, December 15, 2008

Ji De Chi 记得吃 (Upper Cross Street) ( 3rd Dec 2008)

Without a doubt... I LOOOOOOOOVE sweet things. Durian and sago and pomelo are a fantastic mix... *yummy* Even thinking about it now... causes me to have urges to head there to get some desserts.

Durain with Pomelo sago

With thick thick durian puree... silence would only befall on someone who is so talkative like me....

Durian with pomelo sago - DSC_7671

Durian with pomelo sago - DSC_7675

Egg drop water chestnut sago paste

I didn't like this. I definitely had better ones before. The egg drops seemed alot... but it wasn't enough... it was like plain water... and i didn't have much of the chestnuts... I think the sago was bigger than the chestnut bits.

Egg drop water chestnut sago paste - DSC_7652

Almond jelly with longans

My friend seemed to think that this was quite good. But I am not a fan of almond jelly with longan...

Almond jelly with longan - DSC_7655

I think the service here were quite friendly and fast. I didn't like the fact that they asked us to pay immediately after serving... I still like the old fashion way of paying when we are done with the food.

Name of the place - DSC_7648

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