Monday, December 15, 2008

Ricciotti Italian Deli & Pastry (6th Dec 2008)

Funghi E tartufo

Mushroom soup with potatoes and truffle oil

I quite like this soup... mainly because i can taste the bits and pieces in it. The truffle oil did add an extra something to it :)

Funghi E tartufo - DSC_7807

Salmone pizza

Marinated Salmon, spinach, pomodoro and mozzarella Cheese

I love smoked salmon... n spinach... cheese... I looooooooooooove this pizza. I think it's a good reason one would pay this a visit. :)

Salmone pizza - DSC_7787

Salmone pizza - DSC_7823

Ricciotti salad

Rucola, crispy bacon, grilled bell pepper, smoked scarmoza cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Not my favorite dish... but i like the smoked scarmoza cheese... though the portion is slightly smaller than the one I had the previous time.

Ricciotti salad - DSC_7800


Lamb shank with mashed potatoes

The lamb shank was absolutely delicious!!! soft and tasty ... *yummy*

Agnello - DSC_7860

Fettuccine Bolognese

Fettuccine with beef ragu sauce.

I never did like bolognese, my preference would be cream sauce... but this was done very well.

Fettuccine Bolognese -DSC_7856

Panna cotta

Vanilla pudding in chocolate shell with sabayon and chocolate jelly

I won't touch this with a 10 feet pole... it has a very weird taste... in fact, it tasted somewhat like thinner.... :p

Panna cotta - DSC_7894


Warm dark chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream

This was one of our better dessert choice. the cake was warm... though it was not molten chocolate in the middle, it was DELICIOUS. It would be my choice of dessert here, the next time.

Soffiato - DSC_7885


Mascarpone and spicy cream with olive oil sugar dough

I don't like!!! I thought the spicy cream was very weird. I don't think dessert should have too much spices like we would put in other parts of a meal.

Duomo - DSC_7903(Lensbaby)

Although alot of people love this place for their desserts, I think they would have overlooked the delicious mains and starters... which would be a pity in my view.

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