Monday, December 15, 2008

Novena Peranakan Cuisine (4th Dec 2008)

Been watching too much of the Peranakan show on the TV.... just feel like having some Peranakan food :)

Nonya bah chang

That was the frist time I ate a dumpling that used the extract of the blue-pea flower. I think it was rather unique, though the taste was not as flavourful as the normal ones I would get from the normal stalls in food court.

Nonya bah chang - DSC_7686

Nonya bah chang - DSC_7692

Nonya Ngo Hiang

I didn't like this too much... I thought there was too much beancurd and too little fillings... even with too little fillings... the fillings were not tasty.

Nonya Ngo Hiang - DSC_7729

Nonya Chap Chye

nothing special... I doubt i would order this dish, if I ever managed to get myself into this place.

Nonya Chap Chye - DSC_7727

Bakwang Kepeting

okie... my pet peeve is the taste of "been in too long in the freezer";. And this was a dish with it!!! the mixture of crab, pork and prawn were not really fish... and i did not even see much of bamboo shoots or egg that were supposed to be in this prawn and chicken stock... I think some ppl can do better with a piece of chicken stock piece.

Bakwang Kepeting - DSC_7715

Ayam Buah Keluak

I had a craving for this nut... Buah keluak... I just can't pronounce it.. but i looooooooove it. This was done with chicken... I basically just want the nuts and none of the chicken at all. The sauce was rather flavourful :D I think mixed with rice would be a gooooooood idea.

Ayam Buah Keluak - DSC_7728

These were the reasons why I went for nonya food :P~ Yummy

Ayam Buah Keluak - DSC_7745


offspring said...

awwww. i am so hungry now. where is this place.

Anonymous said...

i just discovered this place and I have to say that it comes close to home cooking - which is why this MilkMilk may have found the taste to be somewhat bland. the Ngohiang is excellent - not overpowering, a balanced flavour which is what it tastes like when we make it at home. the bakchang is also subtle, not cloyingly sweet - typical of store bought nonya bakchang.

the bakwang kepeting is unusual and perhaps not the best I have tasted but this is a difficult dish to make and I only tasted one good one in singapore (but this place charged like a wounded bull).

most dishes I tried were wholesome and good but there were two dishes that were below par. the otah and the chapchye one can really pass. Otherwise, most of the prawn, sotong, fish dishes used really fine ingredients and you can taste the freshness in the food. They say no MSG and I think they are true to their words.

On the whole, i give this place an 8/10. for the rock bottom price they charge (12.99 per head for a set meal with a generous selection of choices) you can't find better in singpaore.

"nonya enthusiast"

generally - I give