Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Barracks Cafe (31st Dec 2008)

The menu - IMG_1506

Decided to venture into the ex army camp area for some food... I been looking thru their site for a while... and was quite impressed with their menu. When the menu came... it was like a newspaper ... I thought it was quite interesting.

The place... IMG_1515

I always like simple deco.... but with simple deco, I definitely need a corner seat. I do not like the sound effects of sitting in the middle of the hall with noise coming from all around me. So out came my ipod!! :)

Shaved pear salad
Shavings of fresh pear served with gogonzola cheese and walnuts
I was told it was just shavings of fresh pear :P and there is very little vegetables involved in this dish.... I end up having a dish with more vegetables than I would eat in a month!!! :P The Cheese was so little... and accompanied with as little amount of walnuts. I think more cheese would be GOOD!

Shaved pear salad - IMG_1517 copy

Spicy sweet potato mash
For a few weeks ago... I was very much into mashed potato... unfortunately... this wasn't as impressive as I thought it was. I hate the fact that I kept biting into pieces of the chilli or capsicum seeds. It's as much as having pepper in my food. Maybe they can use a sauce than mashing the "spicy" part.

Spicy sweet potato mash - IMG_1522 copy

Squid ink paella
(Seafood paella with clams, prawns, squid, black olives, semi dried tomatoes and sauteed capsicum. Comes out with a crusty top and a garnish of parmesan cheese and fresh coriander)
I like rice... and this came out quite well.... only if u like the rice that's has a slightly crusty stick to the ricepot side thingie... which I like.

Note to self : remember to check what's in the description of the dish... so i can eliminate the stuffs i do not like... :p

Squid ink paella - IMG_1527

Squid ink paella - IMG_1533

Check out the place mat!!!
If u think u can get by with 20 dollars decent meal.... forget it. I think it's a rather pricey place... they might have lower their prices... but as it's my frist time there... I didn't actually tot i got my money worth for that lunch.

Tsk tsk ... the food ain't that cheap... IMG_1507 copy

hehe I like their napkin... I am an rather old fashioned person who prefers older versions of things. :)
My favorite combo... checked with jeans :)
i always like this combination - IMG_1525 copy

I checked out the other table's orders... i think I would give it another chance.... is it to take photography (which I love) or is it to try the food there again (which is also possible....)?

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