Monday, December 15, 2008

Teochew Porridge somewhere... (11th Dec 2008)

Someone told me they have fantastic stuffed beancurd ... so I drag my vegetarian fren for this meal... hahhaa poor her. To me, it's very interesting esp when the staff there... absolutely do not like advertising their stall. why? they do not want to work too hard and they just want to earn enough. I totally agree with them... so their customers are their regulars or people who happened to wander past... or stubborn people who just need to try before giving my opinion if I like or not like this stall.

Some of their regular clients

customers - DSC_8700

Here's some picture I took that day :D

Their famous Tau Kwa Pau... okie i am not a big fan of it... I am actually not a big fan of Tau Kwa. I like the fillings though. Basically eat the tau kwa because of the fillings... :P

Tau Kwa Pau - DSC_8718

Some of the choices they offered :D

Choices - DSC_8714

there are so much beancurds they are offering... other than their famous Tau Kwa Pau.

Different types of beancurds... - DSC_8712

Here are some of their steamed fishes....

steamed fishes... - DSC_8721

And this is how they cooked one of their fish... I though it's quite unique... one day I will try it :D

cooking the fish - DSC_8703

cooking the fish - DSC_8705

cooked fish!!! - DSC_8706

This is one chilli i think people should try :D I like!!! esp with the duck meat :D

Sourish chilli - DSC_8682

Salted duck egg

I don't actually like this.... my fren like it though... I don't like the saltish taste of the white... I can barely endure the yolk... with lots of spoonfuls of porridge.

Salted duck egg - DSC_8660

Braised egg...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE eggs that have soft centre... :P if i am not in a public place, I would just pick up the plate and lick the yolk off :p hehehe

Braised egg - DSC_8664

Braised Duck meat and fish cake...

These are things I would definitely ordered if I am having Teochew porridge. :P but I felt that the duck slices are not fatty enough. I prefer and LOVE my ducks FAT! and with lots of FAT! ANIMAL FAT!!! :p give me give me GIVE ME!!!

And steamed fish cake :) I like I like I like :D I think that steamed fish cake is better than fried ones... :D

Braised Duck, fish cake - DSC_8673

Braised Duck, fish cake and Tau Kwa Pau

Braised Duck, fish cake,Tau Kwa Pau  - DSC_8671

Tau Kwa Pau

Tau Kwa Pau - DSC_8724

Salted Veggies

this is the usual fare... :D so nothing big.

Salted Veggies - DSC_8652

I like the attitude of this stall. We don't need to earn too much, just enough. I feel the food should speak for themselves and not advertisments... :P I definitely will give this stall another try. Maybe bring more frens along... so we can order more stuffs to try :D

Till next time... - DSC_8725

Till next time...

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